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Inpatient Services


Surgical : The hospitalís main thrust area are open and  Endo laparoscopic surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery with arthroscopy, open and endo Urosurgery, open and endo Otorhinological Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and O&G surgeries. Complex polytrauma cases are routinely managed with a team effort of the trauma surgeons, anaesthetist and O.R.staff with excellent out come.


Medical: In being catering to an agrarian community at large insecticide poisoning, Snake and Scorpion Venom poisoning forms a significant number of acute cases managed in addition to the constant influx of M.I, Cardiac failure Stroke, Renal Failure and other medical emergencies which is well supported by adequate ventilator and dialysis machines with round the clock dialysis technician ensuring no time delay.


Anaesthesiology : A three team Anaesthetic group forms the pivot dedicated to the OR suites and ER out of which one is available through out for attending to critical care ensuring constant watch and vigilance over these patients.

Critical Care : The comprehensive team work of the anesthesiology intensivist along with the consultants and on floor resident doctors ensure smooth functioning of these. We have critical care beds in ICCU, ISCU, IMCU, EICU and NICU which are equipped with sophisticated cardiac monitoring, infusion and syringe pumps and uninterrupted O2 and pressure supply with ventilators and defibrillators as life support systems including exclusive neonatal ventilator and equipments.





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